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Fila The Inceptor 2

Our verdict and review for the Fila the inceptor after testing the racket is that it is an awesome racket for the defensive player who is at a Beginner – Advance level. This racket also has a Round shape which gives you more additional defensive qualities.

Fila’s new padel rackets are not only really aesthetically pleasing, they also have a really good quality. The price level is neither the lowest nor the highest compared to competitors.

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Fila The Inceptor 2

Fila the inceptor characteristics

Below we review the Fila the inceptor and the racket’s features. In addition to the features, the racket is aesthetically beautiful with fine lines and nice coloring.

Rackets specifications 
Brand Fila the inceptor
Game typeOffensive
Game LevelBeginners
Weight360 – 380 g


The frame is more resistant as it is fitted with carbon fibre, the hitting surface is in fibreglass and the core is Eva Soft.

The balance

The low balance point makes it easier to handle, even for beginners, as it provides more balance during the game and more gentleness when hitting the ball.

Racket shape

A round racket shape that also allows for a larger sweetspot, and reduces the risk of mis-hits on the ball. This is an advantage for beginners who need to practice strokes and techniques.

Hard or soft?

It’s a soft package with the round shape, low balance point, soft core and fibreglass in the hitting surface which is a softer material than carbon fibre. A soft package that many beginners and players looking for a softer game can benefit from.

What level of player is the Fila the inceptor suitable for?

This soft easy-to-handle package is aimed at beginners and recreational players who prefer a softer racket. The soft characteristics are kinder to the player’s muscles and joints, and provide the most support in a defensive game.

Is the racket best suited for offensive or defensive play?

This model from Fila provides the most strength and efficiency in an offensive game. It is a soft package, which is easier to handle and its main strengths are to create balance and control during the padel game.

Information about the DoPadel brand

The Fila brand takes its name from the two Fila brothers who founded the company in 1911 in northern Italy. At the time, their production was aimed at the people living in the Italian Alps, but in the 1970s they began to target their production for athletes and sportsmen looking for special clothing and underwear. One model in their brand that can be mentioned is Björn Borg.

Fila is a well-known brand in many parts of the world and their wide range attracts athletes and sportsmen of different levels, as their range is always of good quality and with stylish designs. Now, many padel players are delighted to find that Fila also offers clothing, shoes and rackets for several styles and levels of play.

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Compare racket with other models

Comparison of Fila racketsShapeBalanceGame typeLevel of playWeight 
Fila the bellator 2022RoundLowAll-round/defensiveBeginner - advanced360 - 380 g
Fila the sigmum navy​ 2022Drop shapeLowAll-round/offensiveBeginner - advanced360 - 380 g
Fila the agilis navy 2022RoundLowDefensiveBeginner - advanced360 - 370 g
Fila the inceptor 2022RoundLowOffensiveBeginner360 - 380 g
Fila the leavis 2022Drop shapeMediumAll-round/defensiveBeginner360 - 380 g
Fila the velocitas 2022RoundLowDefensiveBeginner340 - 360 g
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Benefits of Fila the inceptor

The main advantage is that the frame is reinforced in carbon fiber, so it is resilient when the player accidentally bumps the racket into the surface or walls. Then it is also a racket that is well suited to beginners, as it is softer and easier to handle. 

Larger sweetspot which gives more good ball hits and a low balance point which gives better balance. The soft fiberglass hitting surface combined with the soft Eva core makes it effective for low or slow balls.

Those who like to stand out a bit on the court may find it an advantage that this racket is almost entirely white and that matching padel shoes are available for purchase.


With respect to the characteristics, going in the soft direction does not provide much help in situations where speed and power may be needed with high balls. Thus, extra strength and technique may be required from the player to handle balls overhead with substantial force.

Fila the inceptor



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