Best padel racket for beginners 2022

Bästa padelracket för nybörjare

In this article, we have named the best padel racket for beginners. We have tested and auditioned the rackets mentioned in the article ourselves to make sure they are worthy of the spotlight.

One of the most important elements for new padel players is to choose a racket with good characteristics for beginners. The characteristics that are essential for the padel racket to be used by beginners include the shape of the racket, how big the sweetspot (hitting area) the racket has, and how easy the racket is to play with in general.

Below we list the top three padel rackets for beginners in three different categories;

  • Best budget choice
  • Best value for money
  • Best premium racket

Our first recommendation is to watch our video (4:42 min) below where we go through the best beginner rackets in padel:

Best budget choice

NOX X-one

1. NOX X-one

The Nox X-one is a padel racket that is well suited to those who have just started playing padel. With this racket, you get a larger hitting surface due to its larger round shape and larger sweetspot. In other words, you have a greater chance of hitting the ball and without it affecting the balance of the ball.

Other advantages for beginners are that it is a racket that is relatively light in weight and you get a softer feel when hitting the ball on the racket, as its surface is made of fiberglass. A disadvantage can be that the racket is less balanced, as you have to assist your racket using more force to get a good speed on the ball.

Most value from the money

Head evo sanyo

2. Head Evo Sanyo

Although this padel racket is more drop-shaped and has less surface area for ball impact, there is another advantage. Its frame is equipped with a technology that creates less vibration in the ball on impact, so you’re more likely to succeed in getting the ball away at higher speeds.

With its relatively lightweight feel of only 360-380 grams and a medium balance, this racket becomes an advantage in terms of hitting power. You get more help from the balance and its unique technology to get more power into the ball. However, it is not as easy to maneuver as a padel racket that has a low balance.

Bästa premiumracket

Adidas RX20 light

3. Adidas RX20 Light

A padel racket that will be easy for you to handle, thanks to its round shape and large sweetspot. It will be relieving for your arm, as you will get more help from the racket. There are several advantages for beginners or those who are moving up in their development as a padel player.

The balance is a medium balance and along with the other details, this racket can be relatively easy to handle, and you can get the ball away with good speed. The downside is that it may need more strength from your arm, so a good idea is not to be too quick to upgrade to this type of racket.

Good to consider when choosing a padel racket for beginners

Bästa padelracket för nybörjare-Elitepadel

1. You want a big sweetspot

The sweetspot of a padel racket depends on several factors: the weight of the racket, its balance, and its shape. When we talk about a padel racket having a large or small sweetspot, we’re talking about the area where the player gets the most power and help from the racket to get the ball away with as much power and balance in the direction as possible. As a rule, the sweetspot is greatest on round-shaped rackets.

It may also be helpful to know that the racket’s sweetspot does not have to be centrally located on a padel racket. Round rackets often have a low balance and their sweetspot is more often than not in the center of the racket. Diamond-shaped rackets have less surface area to hit the ball and a small sweetspot, which is usually located higher up. 

It is more difficult to hit the ball with a diamond-shaped racket, but when you do, you have a better chance of getting proper power into the ball. The last variant is the drop-shaped racket, which is usually referred to as the model that lies in between the other two. The sweetspot on this one tends to be placed low or more centered. However, this model may be too difficult to start with. The best padel racket for beginners generally has a large and centered sweetspot.

2. Difficulty level

The usual recommendation of a padel racket for beginners is the round-shaped one. However, it is not said that this is the only type of racket used by beginners. Those who continue with this type of racket is because they feel more confident about the technique of the game and that it provides them with a greater chance of accurate trajectory for the ball after it has hit the racket.

The rackets that are diamond-shaped are considered to have the highest difficulty level, taking into account that they have a smaller hitting area, a small sweetspot, and usually a high balance point. On the other hand, there is a greater chance of getting the highest speed on the ball with this type of racket. However, it should be added that it often takes many hours of practice and strength before the full potential of the racket can be exploited.

It is easier to practice technique with a round racket and when you feel ready for a racket with a higher level of difficulty, it may be a good idea to try a drop-shaped racket first, as its level of difficulty lies between the other two. A drop-shaped racket is slightly more difficult because of the smaller hitting area and sweetspot, but at the same time, you can get more power into the ball.

In summary, the higher the difficulty of a racket, the greater the chance of getting more power and speed from the ball. However, it is recommended that you have many hours of good experience of the game before investing in a diamond-shaped racket, which has the highest level of difficulty.

3. Weight

For beginners, it is better to start with a lighter weight, up to 355-360 grams. Even if you think you have very strong arms and your joints are trained for hard resistance, it can still be too much pressure on the wrist and elbow. Try playing with different types of rackets before deciding what to go for when you buy your own. 

Where the balance is on the racket can also be of great importance. A padel racket with a lightweight feel and low balance often puts less stress on the wrist and elbow, so it may be healthy to consider these factors first.

4. Your racket should be easy to play

What you should take into account when talking about your racket being easy to play is its shape, balance, and sweetspot. The bigger the sweetspot you have on your racket, the more likely you are to hit the ball, which is good to keep in mind until you have developed more in your padel game. After all, the more often you hit the ball, the easier and more fun the game becomes.

With a low-balance racket, there is less strain on your joints, as the hand holding the racket is closer to the balance point. When there is a larger gap between the hand and the balance point, there is more strain on the joints, and this is easier to deal with when you are more used to the game.

The sweetspot, which is the area where the racket can provide the most help to the player, is larger on a round-shaped racket. On these rackets, it is also placed more centrally on the hitting surface, making it easier to hit the ball and get the ball away with more power and with better control over its direction.

5. Choose a round-shaped padel racket

The reason why a beginner should choose a round-shaped padel racket is mainly that there is a greater chance of hitting the ball, thanks to the larger hitting surface. In addition, its sweetspot is larger, which also means that you have a greater chance of getting the ball away quickly and with more balance to achieve the desired direction.

The balance is set low, giving you greater control of your racket and therefore less risk of creating imbalance when the ball meets the racket. There is also less risk of strain injuries to the wrist and elbow. 

These combinations make round-shaped rackets easier to maneuver and therefore usually easier to learn the game. The faster you learn the game, the more fun it is and the more motivated you are to keep playing padel.

Best padel racket in different categories

We have tested and reviewed padel rackets in many different categories to help you make the best choice possible. Below you will find different best in test for different categories.

Best padel racket for beginners 2021



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