Best padel racket for intermediate players 2022

Bästa padelracket för medelspelare och medelnivå-2

Are you a padel player on a intermediate level? Then you have found the right article. In this article, we bring you the best padel racket for intermediate players in three different levels; Best Budget Racket, Best Value for Money and Best Premium Racket.

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Best budget racket

Head Alpha Elite - bästa padelracket för medelspelare - budget

1. Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Elite

Just as the name suggests, this racket has the Graphene Touch feature for padel players to feel a better balance between their grip on the racket and the stroke of the ball. This model of padel racket should suit both recreational and competitive players, partly because it is round shaped, and its technology helps the player to give the ball maximum speed. 

The racket features a foam called Power Foam, which allows the player to get a better feel and control when hitting the ball with the racket. New technology has been used to drill the holes in the racket, which makes the sweetspot of the racket bigger than its predecessor. With a larger area for the sweetspot, it is easier to get a proper hit on the ball and with good precision.

The Graphene material is both thinner and stronger than graphite, which is found in many other rackets, and thanks to the properties of this material, you can be more flexible in how you use it on a padel racket. For example, it is possible to experiment more with the distribution of weight on the racket, without compromising its balance point.

This padel racket weighs 370 grams, which may feel too light for some of those who are more used to the game and need more power. On the other hand, the weight of the racket can have an effect in different ways depending on the other characteristics of the selected racket. This model also has a frame that is equipped with Anti-Shock Skin, to dampen vibrations.

Value for money

Adidas Adipoer Ctrl Lite - bästa padelracket för medelspelare - prisvärt

2. Adidas AdiPower CTRL Lite

The predecessor of this padel racket was considered by many players to have too hard a hitting surface, among other things, but this newer model has a fiberglass hitting surface instead. A softer hitting surface, combined with a relatively lightweight feel of 360-375 grams, means that the player’s stroke will feel softer and will be even more suitable for beginners in the game. 

In addition, this round padel racket has a medium-level balance, which is usually an advantage for intermediate players. Some extra details of this padel racket are that when swinging the ball away, you can get more power, as you will be assisted by the special Dual eXoskeleton technology along the neck of the racket. 

For those players who want more power in the game, like providing the ball with a spin as it is pushed away from the racket, this racket has a surface that many says resembles a thin surface of sandpaper. This surface helps to create some surprising effects for their opponents in the game, for example, managing to get a proper spin that confuses the direction of the ball for the opponents.

This padel racket is one of the models that is often recommended to a wider target group of padel players, as it is possible to exploit proper speed while maintaining good control of your game. A racket that does not risk straining your muscles and joints, and yet you get a lot of impact out of it.

Best premium racket

Adidas Metalbone CTRL - bästa padelracket för medelspelare - premium

3. Adidas Metalbone CTRL

This round model of padel racket is among the lighter versions regarding its weight, which can be an advantage for those intermediate players who still feel unsure about some areas of their game and prefer to keep a lighter weight in their racket. The balance is average, and the racket has a centered sweetspot, which provides a good basis for a controlled game.

The racket is also suitable for those who are more experienced in the sport of padel, as it is more ergonomic, with medium balance and a centered sweetspot. The player has more control over the racket and there is less stress on the wrist and elbow. 

This padel racket comes with features that can give the padel player a more enjoyable game, such as being able to place a dangerous spin on the ball for their opponent. This is possible because the racket’s hitting surface is slightly roughened, almost like sandpaper has been dragged across the surface. For those who want to try out more complicated effects, there are weights at the bridge that can be moved around to suit your preference. In this way, this racket can be made more prominent, with the aim of returning more power. 

Good things to consider when choosing an intermediate padel racket

Bästa padelracket för medelspelare

1. You want a relatively large sweetspot

The sweetspot is the part of the padel racket’s hitting surface where you want the ball to hit, in order to get the best possible hit without putting too much strain on your muscles and joints. This area is usually located as far away from the edges as possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s always centrally located. It is more important that it is as large as possible, for the simple reason that you have a higher chance of hitting the ball in the sweetspot of the racket.

2. You should choose a centered sweetspot

A centered sweetspot often provides a larger area of the hitting surface, and it will be easier to get a hit that delivers as much power as possible. In addition, there can be less stress on the player’s wrist and elbow if you get good hits in the center of the racket, partly because there is less risk of vibration and the wrist is more in line with the sweetspot.

3. Where do you want the center of gravity of the racket?

Where you want the center of gravity depends on what you want out of your racket. A low center of gravity may give you better control, but if you’ve moved on from beginner, it may be of more interest to choose a racket that has the center of gravity more in the middle of the racket or higher up instead.

If the center of gravity is higher up on the racket, there is a greater chance of getting proper power in the stroke and the ball will have a high speed. However, this can be very stressful for the wrist and elbow, so it is usually recommended for those padel players who are used to the game and its movements.

A center of gravity that is more in the middle does not provide as much power as if it were high up, but the stroke is easier to control and does not require as much strength from the player. In addition, if you feel that you still lack sufficient experience in the game, it may be wise to choose a center of gravity, as it will be easier for you to maneuver the ball and racket.

4. Choose a round or drop-shaped padel racket

Padel rackets that are either round or drop-shaped are better choices for those who don’t yet have casual experience in padel or feel that their physique is not good enough to handle a diamond shape. 

Round padel rackets are recommended for all beginners to start with, as they are easier to handle and keep the ball in play. The more you are able to keep the ball in play, the more you will learn from the game and of course, it will be more fun for the players. On the other hand, there are more experienced players who still opt for a round-shaped racket, as they feel they have better control and can use more technique in the game.

Drop-shaped rackets are perceived as more advanced than the round versions, but when you are more familiar with the sport of padel, it may be worth trying a drop-shape. A drop racket can make the game more advanced by allowing more power in the stroke and thus giving the ball more speed.

Best padel rackets in different categories

We have tested and reviewed padel rackets in many different categories to help you make the best choice possible. Below you will find different best in test for different categories.

Best padel racket for intermediate players



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