Best padel rackets for control 2022

Bästa racketarna för kontroll

Are you a padel player looking for more control? Then you have found the right article. In this article, we bring you the best padel rackets for control in three different levels; Best Budget Racket, Best Value for Money and Best Premium Racket.

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Rackets nameShapeLevel of difficulty
Nox X-OneRoundMedium/Advanced
Bullpadel Hack ControlRoundMedium/Advanced
Adidas Metalbone ControlRoundAvancerad/Expert

Best budget racket

Nox X-One

1. Nox X-One

A padel racket that has the main focus on providing its player with control in the game, which is the main starting point for beginners. The more control you can get, the more fluidity you can then get during the game as well. The game will be more fun and it will be easier for the beginner to learn the game and then continue with the sport.

This model has a round shape and comes with a large sweetspot. It is a softer model and with a relatively lightweight feel, so it makes for a smooth game with good balance. There will be minimal risk of vibration, a stable game, and good precision with the ball. However, this model of padel racket can also be very helpful when you need more power in your stroke.

Also, many recreational players are looking for a more controlled style of play and this stable racket, with a carbon fiber and fiberglass frame, can provide more impact for those looking for more advanced play. The combination of the racket’s large sweetspot, its mid-level balance point, and medium-hard hitting surface gives intermediate players more opportunities to advance. There are great opportunities for a controlled game, while the racket can help with great power on the ball when it may be needed.

Continue reading our full review of the Nox X-One where we go through all details about the racket.

Value for money

2. Bullpadel Hack Control

This round padel racket has a large sweetspot, which many players look for to gain better control and flow in the game. The hitting surface is specially designed by using two different materials. The outer one has an advantage for fast balls and the inner one provides more control when it comes to slower balls. 

Equipped with a new form of carbon fiber, which is 20-30% lighter than what is normally used, promises better power when shooting the ball away. The racket’s handle has an extra feature that creates less vibration, which is a good help for those powerful shots.

The balance is low, but with this model, players can change the center of gravity using the weights provided. The weights are metal plates, each weighing 3 grams. If the player desires a heavier racket than it is basically, it is possible to replace the plug that sits at the bottom of the handle. This makes it easy to make the racket 5 or 10 grams heavier. 

A little nicer detail is that the handle has a silicone material for protection, which provides both less vibration and a softer grip. Also, the wrist strap is made of a softer wider material, so it won’t interfere as the usual narrow string can sometimes do.

Best premium racket

Adidas Metalbone CTRL

3. Adidas Metalbone Control

This round-shaped racket model from Adidas gives you many options to alternate your playing style. Do you want to focus on control and precision or do you want to be able to have more opportunities to smash the ball with proper speed? On this racket, you can move small weights to change the center of gravity. 

The weight of the racket is between 345 and 360 grams and has a medium balance. So you can get a good combination of control, feel and speed with this model. In addition, you can shift the center of gravity by up to 12 grams, so you can use more power in your strokes.

It is carbon fiber reinforced to make it stiffer while making it easier to swing the racket in the air without creating distracting vibrations in the stroke. The roughened hitting surface also makes it easier to steer the ball into a screw, to confuse your opponent about where the ball will bounce back. 

When you have to face the slow balls, the racket’s soft hitting surface will be a good assist for you. You can then also alternate this quality by moving the weights, from a lower balance point to a higher one. 

Good to consider when choosing a padel racket for control

1. You want a big sweetspot

Sweetspot is the name given to the area of the racket where it is most optimal for the ball to hit, as this provides the most power and balance. How big the sweetspot is and where on the racket it’s placed is an individual attribute to each racket. 

The padel rackets that are round-shaped usually have the largest sweetspot, mostly due to the racket’s large round shape. Their sweetspot tends to be located a little further down the racket, but often covers a larger area than the other shapes. A good choice for beginners, but many others also prefer round-shaped due to the large sweetspot. They prefer to have more control over the game than to be able to get the ball away at high speed.

With a larger sweetspot, there is a better chance of keeping the game going with good control over the ball’s directional trajectory. The better the control of the game, the greater the chance for a more enjoyable game in the sport.

2. The center of gravity should be low

A low center of gravity usually gives you better control of the racket and minimizes the risk of vibration and high strain on the wrist and elbow, due to the short distance between the player’s hand on the racket and the racket’s center of gravity. With better control in the game and less strain on muscles and joints, it becomes both easier and more enjoyable to put more effort into the sport.

For example, many people appreciate having their hand high up on the shaft of the hammer when hitting a nail. You have better control of the hammer but may not get as much power in your punch as if you had your hand further down on the hammer shaft. The latter is similar to when a paddle racket has a higher center of gravity.

Those who seek out rackets with a higher center of gravity are looking for more help with high power in the stroke. To get more opportunities for proper power in the stroke and to get a ball away with such high speed that it creates difficulties for the opponent. On the other hand, a center of gravity that is more in the middle, rather than lower, may be sufficient.

3. Choose an easy-to-play racket

Everyone wants a racket that’s easy to play, but the question is what that term actually means. It’s an individual feeling, depending on your experience in the sport, how much technique you’ve practiced, and how much body strength you have.

The more technique training you’ve put into the sport, the more complicated the padel racket you’ll seek out. For this reason, you can use more techniques with a racket that has more features. 

The point is that you should look for a padel racket that is easy to play for you. For example, that it is not too heavy for you so that you can maneuver it during the game without causing high pain or injury to your wrists and elbows. In addition to this, think about your level of experience and don’t choose a racket that has a lot of features that you don’t know how to use.

Frequently asked questions about children's Padel rackets

Below we have listed frequently asked questions and answered them.

What ages use the padel racket for kids?

Children between the ages of 7 and 12 usually use the children’s racket, but it depends on the child’s strength and how much experience they have with the sport. If a padel racket is aimed at a specific age, it will be highlighted.

Are there different types of padel rackets for children?

There are differences between rackets. There are the same options as for adults: drop-shaped, round and diamond-shaped. What differs is the weight and size of the racket.

Best padel rackets in different categories

We have tested and reviewed padel rackets in many different categories to help you make the best choice possible. Below you will find different best in test for different categories.

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