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Set Bull

Our rating and review for the SET Bull 2022 after testing the racket is that it is a really good racket with a hard core that gives you an explosive game. The racket is very durable as the frame is made out of 100% carbon fiber.

The Bull model is a premium racket from Set and is a pretty pricey racket but that comes with alot of quality.

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Mikael på Elitepadel har testat Set Bull 2022. I den här videon kan du se när vi provspelar och recenserar racket.

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Set Bull characteristics
Picture from when we tested and reviewed the Set Bull 2022

Set Bull 2022 characteristics

Below we go through the Picture from when we tested and reviewed the Set Bull 2022 and the characteristics of the racket. In addition to the features, the racket is aesthetically beautiful with fine lines and nice coloring.

Rackets specifications 
Brand Set Bull 2022
ShapeDrop shape
Game typeOffensive
Game LevelMedium, Advanced
Weightg (+/-10) 360 – 375 g


A drop-shaped racket with hard frame in 100% carbon fiber, hitting surface in 12K carbon fiber and the core is Eva Ultra Hard. A powerful package that will give the player both power and control in the game.

Set Bull material
Picture from when we tested and reviewed the Set Bull 2022


It is a power package that has also got a balance point in medium level, so this can provide the player with good power and control in the offensive game. Combined with the hard characteristics, it will be a powerful package.

Racket shape

As this racket is drop shaped, it also has a slightly larger sweetspot than many other power packs, providing better control for the player.

Hard or soft?

Hard racket with a lot of carbon fiber, a hard core and a drop shape that allows for both a larger sweetspot and a bit more stiffness for the racket model.

What level of player is Set Bull suitable for
Picture from when we tested and reviewed the Set Bull 2022

What level of player is Set Bull suitable for?

Considering the hard characteristics, it can suit exercisers who want to develop their game to a higher level or other players who are already at a higher level and want to get more strength and control out of their game.

Is the racket best suited for offensive or defensive play?

Especially suited for offensive play with the hard carbon fiber frame and hitting surface as well as the hard Eva core. It is a stiff racket with several hard characteristics, which can provide players with a lot of support for an explosive offensive game.

Information about the Set brand

Set has been on the market for about seven years producing clothing, shoes, rackets and more for the sport of padel. Their range is available in different parts of the world, including Spain, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Mexico and now also in Sweden.

Set Padel Nordic is young on the market and is run by Anders and Anders, who want to be able to provide all padel lovers with good quality equipment. Their goal is to become the biggest in supplying the biggest brands in padel.

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Compare racket with other models

Comparison of Set racketsShapeBalanceGame typeLevel of playWeight
Set BullDrop ShapeMediumOffensiveIntermediate - advanced360-375 g
Set HyenaRoundMediumAll round/DefensiveIntermediate - advanced360-375 g
Set LeopardDrop ShapeHighAll round/OffensiveIntermediate - advanced365-380 g
Set HawkDrop ShapeMediumAll round/DefensiveIntermediate - advanced365-380 g
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Benefits of Set Bull 2022

Several good characteristics to strengthen the offensive game, so the player can be well helped to act explosively during the game. The frame is extra durable in 100% carbon fiber, the hitting surface is hard with 12K carbon fiber and the core is Eva Ultra Hard.

The core is hard and provides good power for the hits and at the same time an anti-vibration, which will make the playing more ergonomic. The drop shape provides a little bigger sweetspot, which helps the player to succeed in more ball hits with both power and control. 


With all the hard characteristics, good technique may be needed to control the low or slow balls. A player with more experience is recommended to make full use of this racket.

Set Bull 2022



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