We have tested and reviewed

SET padel rackets 2022

SET is one of Spain’s premium padel brands. The company was launched in 2021 and took the step into the paddle and we have had the chance to test the SET padel racket to give you our opinion, rating and review.

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We have tested and reviewed the SET padel racket

In March 2022, we tested 4 different models of the SET padel racket. Below you can see the video when Micke at Elitepadel tested the SET padel racket on the court. Read more about each racket below the video.

Set Bull

A drop-shaped racket with a hard frame in 100% carbon fibre, hard 12K carbon fibre hitting surface and core in Eva Ultra Hard. It is a powerhouse that has also been given a mid-level balance point, so this can provide the player with good power and control in the offensive game. A racket that is suitable for players at a higher level of experience and who want to play with proper power and speed in the game. As this racket is drop shaped, it also has a slightly larger sweetspot than many other powerhouses, providing better control for the player.

Set Bull racket
Photo from when we tested and reviewed the Set Bull racket

Set Hyena

A round shaped racket with medium balance. A softer hitting surface in 3K carbon fibre and a medium-hard core in Eva Soft Ultra. This model from Set is designed to provide advantages in both modes of play, so it a good combination of power and control in the game. A larger sweetspot that allows for more good ball striking and a medium balance that can provide good support for both hard and soft balls. The carbon fiber frame adds a bit more stiffness to the racket and more durability when it receives impacts or ball hits that come too far out on the racket.

Set Hyena racket
Photo from when we tested and reviewed the Set Hyena

Set Leopard

A drop-shaped racket that has been equipped with various features to serve as an all-round racket. Both a carbon fibre frame and a 12K carbon fibre hitting surface, but with a softer Black Eva Soft Ultra core. A racket that has good strengths in both control and power, while providing less vibration for the player. Which makes it a strong package, while being more relieving for the player’s muscles and joints.

Set Leopard racket
Photo from when we tested and reviewed the Set Leopard

Set Hawk

Drop-shaped racket with a medium balance point, with a medium-hard hitting surface in 3K carbon fibre and the soft core Black Eva Soft Ultra. With the medium-hard carbon fibre hitting surface combined with the soft Eva core, this racket is a good combination of both control and power. The racket shape allows for a larger sweetspot, which allows for more good hits of the balls and the balance point becomes a good support in several different positions during the game.

Set Hawk racket
Photo from when we tested and reviewed the Set Hawk

Comparison of all SET racket models

Comparison of Set racketsShapeBalanceGame typeLevel of playWeight
Set BullDrop ShapeMediumOffensiveIntermediate - advanced360-375 g
Set HyenaRoundMediumAll round/DefensiveIntermediate - advanced360-375 g
Set LeopardDrop ShapeHighAll round/OffensiveIntermediate - advanced365-380 g
Set HawkDrop ShapeMediumAll round/DefensiveIntermediate - advanced365-380 g
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More about the SET brand

The set has been on the market for about seven years producing rackets, clothing and other products for padel players. Their range is available in Spain, Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Finland, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Morocco, Luxembourg and Sweden.

The range from Set has come to Sweden and there is also their own warehouse in Sweden, and it is Anders Tiensuu and Anders Dahlin, who are working towards the goal of becoming one of the biggest brands in padel. They have set up a warehouse in Sweden to be able to offer better service to their customers. This includes being able to deliver products to customers in a shorter period of time and being able to handle any complaints in a smoother way.

The Set brand for padel sports is new to the Swedish market, but by 2022 Anders and Anders guarantee that the warehouse in Sweden will be fully stocked with a full range of rackets, clothing, shoes, balls, windings and other accessories that can benefit the padel player on the court.

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