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Wilson Bela Team racket

Our rating and review of the Wilson Bela Elite is summed up in that it is an excellent choice for the experienced intermediate and advanced player. The Wilson Bela Elite comes with a medium balance that will give you an awesome all-round game where the racket performs very well in the offensive game but also has a good control in defensive shots.

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Wilson Bela Team charactaristics

Wilson Bela Elite characteristics

Fernando Belasteguin can be described as the best padel player of all time. He has been the world’s top player for a full 16 years and is a perfect example of someone who can overcome injuries without ever giving up and instead getting even better. 

This Argentinian legend has been instrumental in developing the Bela series for experienced players who want more speed and power in their game. The Bela Elite is the lightest racket in the series, weighing in at 360 grams, and is more comfortable and easy to play than big brother Bela Pro but not quite as forgiving as Bela Team.  

This is a racket that has many different facets and is well suited to the skilled all-round player as well as the more offensive-minded player. A diamond-shaped racket places higher demands on the player as it has a slightly smaller sweetspot than other shapes, but in return, it provides that extra push that we all like when we go on the attack. 

A hitting surface of solid carbon fiber cloth is a testament to the racket’s intent to be an effective attacking weapon, but the soft core makes it a versatile racket that helps with better control. The keyword for the Bela Elite is controlled power.

The design is a black racket with Wilson’s logo in red as well as the details of the racket’s neck. Belasteguin’s daughter once told her father that “Un Belasteguin nunca se rinde” (A Belasteguin never gives up) when he was struggling with one of his many injuries, and that quote has been incorporated on the wrist strap.

Rackets specifications 
Brand Wilson
Game typeAllround
Game LevelIntermediate – Advanced
Weight360 g (+/-10)


The racket has a stiff and stable carbon fiber frame which ensures maximum stability, rigidity, and durability together with a lightweight feel.

The heart of the racket is made of Soft Eva foam for the best comfort and cushioning, which provides an unbeatable touch and absorbs the vibrations that occur when hitting the ball in a very effective way. A soft core like this ensures that the racket is more gentle on the joints and helps to reduce the risk of common injuries that can otherwise easily occur.

The Bela Elite has a hitting surface made up of a layer of dense carbon fiber fabric, ensuring that your shots will be fired with maximum speed wherever you are on the court. Carbon fiber is the absolute favorite material for players who like to win points in front of the net. It also comes with the top layer Arrow-Grip for the best impact and spin in the company of a great ball feel.

The Sublime grip ensures that the racket always feels comfortable in your hand so you’ll experience maximum comfort in every stroke. In addition, it comes with micro-perforations which allow moisture to be absorbed in a very efficient way.

Wilson Bela Team material


With the Bela Elite, Wilson has chosen to use a centered center of gravity providing a middle balance. This is done with the intention of making a traditionally top-heavy diamond racket more playable and easier to handle. Admittedly, the mid-balance means you’ll miss out on the extra speed you get in your strokes, but this has been compensated for really well with the carbon fiber hitting surface and rigid frame. 

The advantage of having the center of gravity closer to the body is that it’s easier to get right to the balls and you get better control, making it a more versatile racket that allows you to perform all types of shots in an optimal way.  

Racket shape

The entire Bela range consists of diamond-shaped models, which is exactly what you’d expect from a racket designed by the legendary Belasteguin. It’s a great option for the technically proficient player who wants maximum speed in all aspects of their game.

Compared to other diamond-shaped rackets, the Bela Elite provides really good control and ball feel, thanks to the soft core. Also, the slightly lower balance helps to make it more playable.

Hard or soft?

Bela Elite is a racket that is classified as medium-soft thanks to the Soft EVA core. Certainly, both the frame and the hitting surface are made of hard and stiff carbon fiber, but it is really the core that marks the personality of the racket. It absorbs vibrations very well and allows you to feel maximum contact with the ball on impact, which of course makes it easier to achieve precise placements that end up exactly where you want them.

What level of player is Wilson Bela Elite suitable for?

This is a racket for players at an upper-middle level and above. It’s more playable than many other diamond rackets thanks to the medium balance and the soft core makes it forgiving enough for the racket to help you develop and improve your technique on the court. However, it doesn’t have an overly large sweetspot, which means that as a player, you need to be able to deliver clean hits for the racket to perform as you expect it to.

Is the racket best suited for offensive or defensive play?

The Bela Elite is a racket with a lovely balance that really delivers on its promise – a perfect combination of speed and control. If you want a racket that allows you to perform to the maximum in all game situations, whether in front of the net or further back on the baseline, then you’ve probably found the right one.

The diamond shape, stiff frame construction, and carbon fiber hitting surface make for the best possible power on the offensive, while the soft core and mid-balance give you the necessary control and comfort.

Information about the Wilson brand

We’ve all heard of Wilson Sport, they have more than 100 years of experience equipping athletes of all levels all over the world. Of course, they will pull their weight when it comes to padel as well. Here you will find a wide range of rackets, clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories, all made with the high quality that Wilson always represents.

Wilson Sporting Goods & Co is an American company headquartered in Chicago, which is a subsidiary of Amer Sport. They are dedicated to producing sports equipment, apparel, and accessories for a variety of sports and for players of all levels, including hobby athletes, amateurs, and professionals. As well as racket sports, it also includes football, American football, basketball, golf, baseball, and of course volleyball – who doesn’t remember the stranded Tom Hanks and his friend Wilson?

Founded over 100 years ago, in 1913 to be exact, Wilson’s roots can be found in the meat industry, starting with the Ashland Manufacturing Company, which packaged meat products from slaughterhouses in New York. The first step towards sports was when they started to take the tendons from the animals and use them to make strings for tennis rackets. In addition, surgical thread was also useful in this area. 

Thomas Wilson became president of the company in 1915, and it wasn’t long before they started buying up companies that made sports equipment. Ever since then, their venture has only grown and their range has expanded until now, becoming a world-leading brand used by many of the most famous players at the elite level. They manufacture the official balls for the NFL, NBA, and several of the major Grand Slam tennis tournaments and are an official sponsor of a host of other major events.

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Benefits of Wilson Bela Elite

This may well be a dream racket for the experienced and skilled player who has an aggressive style of play but also wants total control over every ball. It delivers exquisite balance, a complete and versatile top-quality racket with plenty of technological refinements.

Knowing that your racket will always bring out the best in your game provides a delightful sense of security and an extra plus for the textured face layer that allows you to take your technical strokes to a whole new level.


It feels like Wilson has targeted this racket at an overly broad audience, as many mid-level players will find it a little too advanced.

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Wilson Bela Elite



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