We have tested and reviewed

Salming padel rackets 2022

Salming is one of Sweden’s leading brands in the world of sports. Now the company has entered the paddle, and we have had the chance to test Salming’s paddle racket to give you our opinion, rating and review.

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We have tested and reviewed the Salming padel rackets

In March 2022, we tested 5 different models of the Salming padel racket. Below you can watch the video of our test on the padel court. Read more about each racket below the video.

We have tested the Varlion padel rackets!

Micke at Elitepadel has tested the Salming padel racket. In this video you can watch us test play and review the Salming models.

Salming Magician S5

A racket that is easy to handle and suitable for the beginner or who wants an easy to play racket. The core Eva Feel is a bit softer in combination with the 3K carbon fiber hitting surface. A round shaped racket with a low balance point and a sweetspot that has been made larger than on many other rackets. The characteristics of this model give the most advantages in defensive play, while the racket can provide more power in the balls.

Read more about the Salming Magician S5 in our racket review.

Salming Magician S5 review
Photo from when we tested and reviewed the Salming Magician S5
"The Salming Magician S5 is a low balance round rack that offers a lot of control! When I tested this racket, I felt that the racket had a big sweet spot. The softer EVA feel core and the slightly softer 3K carbon fiber face make this racket suitable for both the beginner and the more advanced player looking for a lot of control!"
Mikael Rohana
Reviewer at Elitepadel.se

Salming Magician S17

A hybrid shaped racket with a mix between round and drop shapes. It gives you a good mix of both power and precision a good entry level racket after playing as a beginner for a while. 12K surface and Eva Feel that gives you a smooth and comfortable ball hit.

Photo from when we tested and reviewed the Salming Magician S17
"The Salming Magician S17 is a hybrid shaped racket which is in between a round shape and a drop shape at Salming which thanks to that combination should offer you a good mix of speed and control. I felt that the slightly higher balance of the racket in comparison to the S5 model and the stiffer 12K carbon fiber hitting surface also makes the offensive characteristics of the racket much better!"
Mikael Rohana
Reviewer at Elitepadel.se

Samling Hero S21 Attack

Just as the name suggests, this racket has features that help in attack play. This drop-shaped racket with high balance provides strong advantages for the high balls and other situations on the court when you want to swing overhead. The 12K carbon fiber hitting surface and Eva Attack core provide the player with extra strength to get the balls away with more speed and power.

This racket is well suited for those who have gained a little more experience on the court. It is a hard racket that can require some strength and technique from the player, but can also suit the recreational player who wants to advance in their offensive game.

Samling Hero S21 Attack
Photo from when we tested and reviewed the Collection Hero S21 Attack
"Salming Hero S51 is a top model in the collection and offers a really nice mix of speed and control. When I tested this model, I found that the racket offered a very nice feel in the defensive game and it was easy to get right to the ball. The racket's characteristics made it easy to decide the balls with a little more speed, which the vibration dampening 12K carbon fiber hitting surface then offers. "
Mikael Rohana
Reviewer at Elitepadel.se

Salming Hero S19

A padel racket that is more all-round, as its racket shape is a combination of round and drop shape and a balance point that is more centered. The 12K carbon fibre face and Eva Attack core help to return proper power and speed to the ball hits. 

A hard racket suitable for players of different levels, but especially for those who want more power and speed in their game. Although the balance point is not at the top, this racket can provide good power for the high balls.

Salming Hero S19
Photo from when we tested and reviewed the Salming Hero S19
"Just like the Magician series, the Hero series also has a hybrid model that is supposed to be a little more versatile in its features. The slightly higher balance of the racket and the stiffer 12K carbon fibre face make the racket suitable for both forehand and backhand players. The racket offers a really nice feel and just like the other rackets in the Hero series, this one is also equipped with the 12K carbon fiber face."
Mikael Rohana
Reviewer at Elitepadel.se

Salming Hero S51 Control

This model is round-shaped, with a larger sweet spot and a low balance point. So its main features are control and better balance, which among others is suitable for the beginner and those who like defensive play. The 12K carbon fiber hitting surface complements the game by returning more speed and power to the player’s stroke. Extra power and speed can also be added to the player with the help of the Eva Attack core.

A racket that has strong advantages for different situations on the padel court. However, the low balance point can make it difficult when dealing with high balls. But it is a good racket for many beginners, exercisers and others who want to advance in their padel game or those who want a strong all-round racket.

Salming Hero S51 Control
Photo from when we tested and reviewed the Salming Hero S51 Control
"Salming Hero S51 är en toppmodell i samlingen och erbjuder en riktigt härlig mix av fart och kontroll. När jag testade denna modellen så tyckte jag att racket erbjöd en väldigt härlig känsla i det defensiva spelet och det var lätt att komma rätt till bollen. Rackets egenskaper gjorde det lätt att avgöra bollarna med lite mer fart, som den vibrationsdämpande slagytan i 12K kolfiber då erbjuder. "
Mikael Rohana
Reviewer at Elitepadel.se

Salming padel shoes

Under here we have also listen two different types of Salming shoes.

Salming Rabel Cayetano Rocafort white

Salming Rabel Cayetano Rocafort white

A men’s shoe that is lightweight and provides good stability with the herringbone sole pattern, so you feel both light and flexible with these shoes. They also become more comfortable and ergonomic with D30 material in the heel that acts as a shock absorber. The shoe is almost completely white with stylish Rebel leather on top of the shoe. The herringbone patterned sole comes in white, grey and black.

Salming Rabel Cayetano Rocafort black

Salming Rabel Cayetano Rocafort black

A padel shoe for gentlemen looking for both lightness and stability during the game. The shoe is lightweight and the herringbone pattern on the sole provides better stability. On the heel there is a D30 material that provides a more ergonomic game, as this minimizes the shocks in the heel. This shoe is almost completely black, with a black Rebel leather in a stylish design and the herringbone patterned undersole is in the colours white, grey and black.

Comparison of all Salming racket models

Comparison of Salming racketsShapeBalanceWeight
Salming Magician S5RoundLow355 g
Salming Magician S17HybridMedium355 g
Samling Hero S21 AttackDropHigh355 g
Salming Hero S19HybridMedium360 g
Salming Hero S51 ControlRoundLow355 g
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More about the Salming brand

Salming Sports is a company that has been on the market since 2001 and over the years they have started to produce shoes, clothing and other equipment for various forms of training. Some they are known for are handball, floorball and running. 

Since autumn 2021, they can now also offer various accessories for those who practice the sport of padel, such as some padel rackets for different game types and smooth stylish padel shoes that have beneficial features for the padel player.

The Salming brand is owned and managed by:

Salming Sports AB
Ekonomivägen 2
436 33 Askim
Org. number: 556684-3727

Contact details

  • Email: webstore@salming.com
  • Hemsida: https://salming.com
  • Instagram