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Our review and verdict for the Salming Magician S5 after testing the racket is that this racket is good for the defensive player that wants a bigger sweetspot with a lighter weight. As soon as you pick up the racket, you will feel the high quality of the racket. The racket fit well for the beginner up to intermediate players.

As usual, the Salming racket is developed and engineered with the absolute highest quality but comes with a relatively medium price tag.

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Mikael at Elitepadel has tested the Salming Magician S5 2022. In this video you can see us testing and reviewing the racket.

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Salming Magician S5 charactaristics
Picture from when we tested and reviewed the Salming Magician S5 2022

Salming Magician S5 2022 characteristics

Below we go through the Picture from when we tested and reviewed the Salming Magician S5 2022 and the characteristics of the racket. In addition to the features, the racket is aesthetically beautiful, with fine lines and nice coloring.

Rackets specifications 
Brand Salming
Game typeDefensive
Game LevelBeginner, intermediate
Weightg (+/-10) 350 – 360 g


A carbon fibre racket with 3K carbon fibre on the hitting surface that dampens vibrations and gives a softer feel when hitting the ball. The core is made of Eva Feel rubber, which is especially suitable for soft and low balls.

Salming Magician S5 material
Picture from when we tested and reviewed the Salming Magician S5 2022


The balance point is at a low level, suitable for both beginners and those who prefer a more defensive game on the padel court. With lower balance, there is less stress on the player’s wrist and elbow.

Racket shape

A round-shaped racket that also has a larger sweetspot. Beginners will find it easier to practise ball hits and different techniques.

Hard or soft?

A soft racket with a low balance point, round racket shape, soft core and a softer hitting surface shape. A soft racket is more ergonomic and easier for the player to handle.

What level of player is Salming Magician S5 suitable for
Picture from when we tested and reviewed the Salming Magician S5 2022

What level of player is Salming Magician S5 suitable for?

This model from Salming can be suitable for players at beginner level and up to more advanced level. Players who are looking for a more manageable racket in a softer game. This soft package is also well suited for those who have muscle and joint problems, and need a racket that doesn’t take pressure off their wrist and elbow.

Is the racket best suited for offensive or defensive play?

The Salming Magician S5 has characteristics that are most suitable for a defensive game. Soft characteristics that are useful for balls that come in low or the balls that are more slow. The low balance point creates less vibrations for the player, but at the same time it makes it difficult to handle high balls with good speed and power.

Information about the Salming brand

Salming Sport was founded in 2001 in Sweden, in collaboration with former professional hockey player Börje Salming. The sports the company focuses on are handball, floorball and running. The range includes clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories.

Ever since its inception, Salming Sport has worked to provide athletes and sportsmen with good quality equipment. As with Börje Salming’s style, there is a lot of passion and willpower in their production.

Since the autumn of 2021, they now also produce equipment for those who enjoy the sport of padel. For example, different models of rackets and shoes, which are both light in weight and provide good stability during the game.

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Salming rackets
Picture from when we tested and reviewed the Salming Magician S5 2022

Compare racket with other models

Comparison of Salming racketsShapeBalanceWeight
Salming Magician S5RoundLow355 g
Salming Magician S17HybridMedium355 g
Samling Hero S21 AttackDropHigh355 g
Salming Hero S19HybridMedium360 g
Salming Hero S51 ControlRoundLow355 g
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Benefits of Salming Magician S5 2022

The padel players who like defensive play can get several advantages with this racket. A large sweetspot and a low balance point also make it easier to handle, which is a great advantage for the beginner or other players who are looking for a lighter racket that will provide them with strengths in the defensive play style. 

For those players who like unique designs, this racquet is almost completely white. It is stylish, yet stands out and can be easily matched with white padel shoes.


It is a racket with high focus on balance and control during the game, so it may be difficult to play offensively with good strength with this racket model. It will then require extra power and experience from the player.

Salming Magician S5



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