See which padel level you are at

Padel levels

Below we have compiled descriptions of the level of your padel. You can use the table to see what level of padel you are at to be able to book the right opponent on e.g. MATCHi. This will help both you and your opponents not to be disappointed by not being able to find the right level of opponent. 

You can find a simpler scale of your padel level on MATCHi in the list below and a larger more detailed table further down the page.

Padel level MATCHi

  1. Never held a racket.
  2. Beginner. Still learning the basics of padel.
  3. Beginner advanced. Knows the basics of the game but is uncomfortable with ground strokes and has problems with wall strikes.
  4. Recreational player. Played for a while and knows the basics well and can increase the pace of the game, but does not play consistently.
  5. Average. Has been playing for a couple of years and, while not super talented, gets the ball over the net most of the time and with reasonable power. Serving/releasing and the like can still be inconsistent.
  6. Average Advanced. Like level 5 but with better smash and special shots. Also with consistency and more control. 
  7. Experienced. Can defend and turn the game against the opponent. Can maintain pressure on opponent with heavy volleys and build up and hit winners. In addition to matches, you probably start with specific padel drills.
  8. Skilled. You have mastered all the technical and tactical elements of the game. Can read the game and use different tactical elements depending on the opponent. You are probably among the best players in your club and practice padel regularly, probably with coaches.
  9. Expert. Belongs to the very best and has mastered the game at the highest level and can play national competitions with good results.
  10. World class. Like Fernando Belasteguín, Paquito Navarro or someone similar in their heyday but better.

See your padel level in the table

1Difficulty keeping the ball rolling.DifficultDifficultDifficultDifficultDifficultNo competition
2Likes to avoid backhand shots, has difficulty with positioning, but can keep the ball moving.Focus on making the serve and reducing double faults.Have tried dropping the ball into the wall before hitting, but it rarely turns out well.Daring to try to get online, but with poor results.Daring to try to get to the net, but with poor results.Difficult to position on the court.No competition
3More confident with basic strokes like forehand, backhand, and lob.Few double faults and dare to try to get through on net.Rarely use the back wall.Confident to hit the ball, but the focus is on getting the ball in.You have a single variant of overhead shot and the focus is on putting the ball on the court.Starting to understand the logic but still having trouble positioning. Often ends up where you shouldn't be.Local/no competition
4Like level 3 but safer overall.Always gets to the net after the server and often manages to set up the first volley.Starting to use the wall more often and is more stable.Significantly more stable and more weight in volleys.You are comfortable with overhead strokes and have begun to develop several types of overhead strokes.One of you is in front of the net but you need to move better as a team.Local/no competition
5Like level 4 but has better control under pressure.As level 4 and now masters different spins, speeds and placements.Like level 4 but can now spin after double wall and otherwise more comfortable with the wall.Masters different types of speeds and can place the ball without missing.You can now place the ball, miss less and can also vary the speed.You move better with your partner and read each other well.Local/no competition
6Like level 5 but now have the knowledge to vary speeds, placements and spin.The serve is an offensive stroke that challenges the opponent.Understands the back wall tactic and uses it more and more.Like level 5, but now you can use spin and volley multiple times in a row.Like level 5, but you can use different kinds of spin in the battles.Like level 5 but you can set up a really good tactic together with your partner.Local/no competition
7Like level 6 but new much more confident with all basic strokes and has a good basic technique.The serve is an offensive stroke that challenges the opponent.Like level 6 but now uses the wall as a weapon and playing partner.Like level 6 but can hit many difficult volleys in a row.You are both stable and comfortable with being able to choose different types of overhead batting. You and your partner have several different tactics to choose from.Local/no competition
8Mastering all the basics.The serve is an offensive stroke that challenges the opponent.Wants to use the wall as much as possible to maximize his game.You can really score points against good defensive players.You can really score points against good defensive players.Several of your tactics can win your matches.SPT Class B-C
9Mastering all the basics.The serve is an offensive stroke that challenges the opponent.Likes the wall.You hit a stop ball out of the cage whenever you want.You have a solid bandeja and can kick the ball out of the cage.You know your tactics and can read your opponent's tactics.SPT Class A-B
10Mastering all the basics.The serve is an offensive stroke that challenges the opponent.Loves the wall.You could have been a YouTube star.You could have been a YouTube star.You can become a coach.SPT Class A / WPT