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Nox limitless control

Our verdict and review for Nox Limitless Control after testing the racket is that this racket can be great for those who like to play with a lot of control. As soon as you pick up the racket, you will feel the high quality of the racket. We recommend that you are at a medium to advanced level to utilize the racket’s features to it’s potential.

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Nox limitless control charactaristics

Nox Limitless Control characteristics

This is a very popular racket among players who focus primarily on control, comfort, and feel. With that being said, it actually works really well on offense too, the carbon fiber in the hitting surface makes it stiffer than many other control rackets which takes advantage of more of your power when hitting the ball. The soft core also puts nice speed on softer shots.  

One of the racket’s highlights is the textured top layer. The sandpaper-like layer provides a really good spin on balls as you get a better grip when they make contact with your racket. It’s a racket with a great sweetspot, providing exquisite control in all positions, and you’ll feel comfortable with it right from the start. Thanks to the core that reduces vibrations in a very effective way, it is a gentle racket that is also suitable for injury-prone players.

We like the sharp design, just as Nox has accustomed us to. A base in black and white with the logo and details in stylish silver.

Rackets specifications 
Brand Nox
Game typeControl
Game LevelIntermediate – Advanced
Weight365 g (+/-10)


Nox Limitless Control has a frame made of 100% carbon fiber, the most common material among high-quality padel rackets. Carbon fiber is an extremely durable material while being lightweight, and it makes for a stiff and stable racket.

The same core has been chosen as for most other models. HR3 is a soft EVA foam, which has properties that make it ideal for many types of padel rackets. It is a kind of memory foam, but what makes it special is that it recovers its shape immediately after a hit. This means that the ball is sent away with extra force, and you feel your strokes become more explosive.

The hitting surface has been made from 3k Silver, a mixture of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Carefully woven together are 3,000 strands of carbon and glass fiber per cm², resulting in a dense hitting surface that is both strong and flexible. This offers a great combo of speed and control. 

This is one of the models where Nox has added a textured top layer. The textured surface gives you a better grip on the ball at impact and ensures you get maximum spin.

Nox limitless control material


Like most rackets that focus on control, the Nox Limitless Control has a low balance. A low balance where the racket’s center of gravity is closer to the body is what makes this a very easy to play option that will be appreciated by a wide crowd who want to be able to dominate the court with placements and wonderful precision.

Racket shape

A round racket like this is what most players who want total control on the court are after. A round racket is the one that provides the biggest sweetspot possible, and it falls a little further down towards the grip than the center of the racket face. A low-balance round racket is the option that feels most responsive and ensures it is easy to play with.

Keep in mind that although it is a shape often recommended for those who have not been playing padel for very long, there are also many players in the world elite who play exclusively with round rackets. Depending on the material of the racket, its characteristics change and so does the level of player it is suitable for, but it is always a shape for those who like control and precision in their game.

Hard or soft?

Limitless Control falls somewhere in the middle, neither hard nor soft but a happy medium. The whole racket design is made to balance: a carbon fiber frame with fiberglass provides stability and durability but at the same time flexibility. The exclusive hitting surface also blends these two materials, for a mix of both control and power in the strokes. The core is soft, but the spin it provides on ball impact means many find it a little harder.

Nox limitless control

What level of player is Nox Limitless Control suitable for?

This is a model designed to suit a fairly wide audience. It is perfect for recreational players who want to develop their technique and get better, but also for skilled beginners who have a background in tennis. Likewise, players at a more advanced level who want an easy-to-play racket with awesome control will like this.

Is the racket best suited for offensive or defensive play?

As you might guess from the name, this is a racket for the player who prioritizes control, comfort, feel, and precision in their game. If you enjoy frustrating your opponents with impossible placements, even in pressured situations, you should take a closer look at this option. Winning matches through strategy and technical skill will be much easier with a racket like this because of the impact that the top layer provides.

Information about the Nox brand

Nox padel is a Spanish brand based in Barcelona. It was founded by the Ballvé brothers with the aim of offering high-quality sports equipment for all levels of players. This dream came true in 2009 when Nox launched its first collection – now it is a recognized brand with a huge prestige for padel players all over the world. They only produce equipment for padel, which means their focus is total. 

Nox delivers design and quality to the most discerning and demanding players who know what they want. Here you will find a wide range that has something for every player regardless of level or style of play. It is a brand that guarantees maximum durability and the best performance. All their products are imbued with the quality and class that Nox has proven over the years that they always deliver.

Nox is an official sponsor of the World Padel Tour. Legends like Miguel Lamperti, the new star Agustín Tapia, and the Sanchez Alayeto twins are some of their main promotional stars. An interesting detail we would like to mention is that the top players at the WPT who use Nox have completely unmodified rackets, i.e. they are exactly the same as the ones we consumers can buy. 

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Compare racket with other models

Nox racketsShapeBalance
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Nox AT Luxury GeniusTeardrop/HybridNeutral
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Nox ML10 Pro Cup SilverRoundLow
Nox ML10 Pro Cup Grey SurvivorRoundNeutral
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Nox Limitless ControlRoundLow
Nox pro 5.2 limited editionRound oversizeLow
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Advantages of Nox Limitless Control

It’s a really nice racket for those who are looking for total control when playing. The combination of the soft core and the 3k Silver hitting surface gives a great feel when hitting the ball, and since it absorbs the vibrations in a very effective way, the comfort is top-notch. All technical shots like lobs and bandejas will shine with this model, but it offers more speed and explosiveness in the strokes than you might initially think. 

It’s not the ultimate model for those who want to hit the ball out of the cage as soon as the opportunity arises, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel a nice push on offense. It is a complete and balanced racket that will be appreciated by many. We like the top-end feel that most control-focused rackets in this price range lack.


If you belong to the type of player that this racket is designed for, you probably won’t find any disadvantages to this racket, especially considering the price range it is within. Of course, there are rackets that prioritize control and are even more complete, but this means they are also more expensive.

Our verdict for the Nox Limitless Control

We think this is a really nice racket for those who are looking for a lot of control when playing. The combination of the soft core and the 3K silver hitting surface will give you a great feel in your strokes.

The racket is also very comfortable to hit with as the racket is very vibration dampening. But one thing to keep in mind is that this racket is not the best racket for those who want to hit balls out of the cage as the characteristics of the racket are more aimed at control in the balls.

Nox limitless control



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